This was a project for my Design Methods and Theories class.  For this project, I chose to take another look at my mini feminism guide. I noticed a lot of the comments on my zine mentioned the lack of text from my original interviews. My interviewees had some thoughtful and full-bodied responses that I decided to focus on instead. When I was researching for my zine, I came across a lot of information that I knew I could not fit into one publication. I think something I tried to do in my last project that was not successful, was trying to stuff too much information into one guide. So, rather than trying to process all the facts about feminism by myself, I let my interviewees speak. I chose them because they were so knowledgeable on the topic of feminism, and going back over my first zine, I realize I may over overlooked their insight.
From a graphic design position, I chose to simplify the layout and color scheme. Since my focus shifted to the interview responses themselves, I wanted to make sure that they were the dominant component on each page. I highlighted certain elements of those responses with small, simple illustrations to contrast the density of the text. Each illustration was purposeful, and To make my zine more economical and go along with my intent of accessibility from the original zine, I used a black and white color scheme. Overall, my goal was to present the interviews in a clean and inviting way, shifting focus to the actual interviews, and the plethora of knowledge in those responses.
Below is my first iteration of the miniGuide to Feminism...

Second/Final Iteration
First Iteration
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