For this project, I wanted to analyze my Netflix watching habits. My goal was to track all the shows I have watched and how long I watched each show since I started using Netflix. Along with that, I was interested in seeing if I went back and watched a show again or if I continued watching it over a long period of time. Since I spend a lot of my free time watching Netflix, it was interesting to see when I binged watched a show and the progression of shows that I watched.

 I created a timeline, and listed the names of the shows, starting with the first show I started watching. The color of each bar represents the main color of that TV show. I chose black as the main background, because, like Netflix’s website, black is the main color. In the background, there are icons that come from Netflix as well. If you watch Netflix often, then these icons would be familiar to you. Overall, I wanted the look of the data to be suggestive of Netflix’s website, but also present a timeline of events in a readable, and engaging way.

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