Photos courtesy of Natalie Campbell
wkrmpop is a mobile pop-up shop designed to put a new ‘spin’ on Austin’s SXSW. We cycled around downtown selling and displaying our handmade products: posters, buttons, totes and handmade Austin mementos.
We were tasked with making a product that could sell at the pop-up shop. My partner (Brianna Graves) and I, came up with the idea to take a flask and make it a fun game. When brainstorming, we thought about what kind of games would be easy to put on the front of a flask, and something that didn't have many pieces to keep track of. So, we came up with a maze ball game in the shape of Texas, with its endpoint being Austin. Thus, the name of the product, "Always Find Your Way Back to Austin." 
Throughout the process, we learned a lot about product design. We made multiple iterations, each time testing usability and structure. Bri and I used the laser cutter here at UT to create the flexible wooden casing and the Texas maze.  There was quite a bit of trial and error with the pattern we used to cut the wood so it would bend in such a way that it wouldn't snap under pressure. Overall, we created a completed, fully functioning game flask, that sold during wkrmpop.
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