Interface for iPad table ordering, and menu at pizza restaurant. Collaboration with Juliana Castro, Stephanie Collins and Jean Yang.

Video Demo
Welcome Screen
Customizing Pizza Selection
User Flow
Order a pizza. That was the first step in this project for my Interaction Design Class. The goal of this project is to improve the process of ordering a pizza; requiring a screen-based "app" to be included within that solution to your problem statement. We utilized a human-centered approach to research, providing ample information to define a problem statement.
Problem Statement
Ordering pizza at dine-in locations is not time efficient; restaurants have issues with using their time efficiently to better serve their variety of customers.
An application designed to streamline the ordering process by improving communication and transparency between waiter, kitchen, and customer, mobile ordering, and a guided ordering system that allows users to quickly and efficiently order and monitor their pizza based on their needs.
We started this project by doing some preliminary research on the art of ordering a pizza. A task that no one really thinks twice about. We needed to become Pizza Experts to fully understand how to build an app for ordering pizza. After many interviews with pizza lovers and snobs–using the human-centered design approach–we had many insights into what the pizza eater wants.  They wanted their pizza quicker and they wanted to be informed on every step of the process.
When we started designing the application, we decided to focus on dine-in pizza restaurants, and their employees and customers. We wanted to give customers a quick and easy way to order their pizza with transparency and hospitality. We felt it was important to treat the customer as a part of the restaurant's family, so we made sure the language used by the host, in the app, and by the waiter was welcoming and friendly. While researching, we noticed that people seemed to enjoy hearing a story, and tended to enjoy their meal more if they engaged with the restaurant other than just eating. We gave the customer control over when they wanted help to avoid unnecessary interruptions by the waiter, and ways to interact with the kitchen to customize their meal and learn about specialty pizzas. The app speaks to the pizza snob, wanting new and unique pizzas, to the family coming in for a quick pizza, in a convenient and efficient way.
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