This was a school project where we were asked to pick a food we had never had before or knew little about and create a fictional campaign for it, which had to include: social media, protest sign/poster, advertising poster, and a physical handout. For this project, I picked the persimmon, a fruit I had never had before and explored and created a fictional campaign for fruit. When researching it, I learned about a rare variety, called the Chocolate Persimmon. Now, this type of persimmon is not chocolate-like in flavor, but rather in its looks. Usually found in Japan, or some family-owned farms in California, the chocolate persimmon is not widely available. I decided to use this as my framework for the campaign. I researched the rhetoric of occult-focused groups online and tried to mimic the hardcore belief these people had.

I created a series of posters featuring my persimmon icon, that was the reoccurring mascot of the campaign, as different fantastical creatures. I then created a map of Austin featuring locations of possible persimmon sightings. The idea was that people would see the posters advertising the “hunt,” come to the protest, get a map and report their findings to the Twitter account of the “Mysterious Chocolate Persimmon.”
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